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Draft Day playbook round 1 stratagies.

                Draft day we all look forward to it we are building the corner stone of our Fantasy team.  But Who to take that is the big question. this years there seems to be more questions than certainty.  Chris Johnson is holding out, Arian Foster has a hamstring issue.  How high should vick be drafted, or is Aaron rodgers the number 1 QB? Do i take a Rb, Wr or QB in the first round? Step one make a draft startagy.  The first step to this is know the Rules of your league.  Is it standerd or PPR, how many WR do you start? Does your league start a flex player. does the scoring favor a position like QB?
                 Once you know the Rules step 2 Asses the value of each position.   In a league that starts 3 Wr, they will have more value and be drafted more quickly than leagues that only have to start 2 Wr.  If the scoring gives 6 points per passing TD vs 4 points then Qbs have higher value. Is the league PPR if yes then the RB ranks will be diffrent, and Wr will once again have more value.  Expecially the Wr that see a lot of targets vs the big play Wr. 
                Now that you know the rules and you have assesd the value of each position make a tier cheet sheet.  In my tiers I have the "eilite" "tier 1" tier 2" tier 3" etc.  The eilte tier is just that not just someone i would consider as my starter at that position but an eilte player at that position.  tier 1 are players that i would consider solid number 1 options at thier postion.  tier 2 players are those who would be sonsiderd low end number 1 to number 2 options at thier positions.  
                The eilite tiers, first lets look at the RB position.  The eiite Rb position is become more valuable as teams are moving more and more to RB by commitee. Also this year if you add Chris Johnson's holdout it makes this tier even smaller.  My eilite tier of RB in order are 1. Adrian Peterson, 2. Ray Rice, 3, Arian Foster, 4. Jamaal Charles.  now as long as Johnson is holding out he would not be part of this tier. When that ends he would quickly move back in.  At the Wr position I only have 3 in the eilite tier.  They are 1. Andre Johnson, 2. Roddy White, 3. Calvin Johnson.  This year there is a lot of depth at the QB position they also have the most players in the eilte tier.  1. Aaron Rodergers, 2. Tom Brady 3. Philip Rivers, 4. Michael Vick, 5. Drew Brees. 
               Now go back to the knowing the rules and assesing the value of each position.  I will talk about standerd scoring, and only starting 2 Wr.  If you have a to start 3 Wr or are in a ppr league then know that Wr will have more value.  For the first round All eilte Rb's should be drafted and should be the top players drafted.  In the first round I feel that only 1 Wr holds a round 1 Ranking.  If the league is a ppr or starts 3 Wr then all three eilte Wr should be considerd in the firt round.  Of  the list of eilte Qbs only one holds a first round grade form me, and that is Aaron Rodgers.  While in many league Vick will also be drafted in the first. Round. 

                Outside of the eilte players  that we have already talked about in the first round the only other players that will be considerd for the most part is  tier 1 RB . My tier 1 Rbs are 1. Chris Johnson, 2. Darren McFadden, 3. Michael Turner,4.  Maruice Jones drew, 5. LeSean McCoy.  Fantasy football is about putting together the most fatnasy points possible.  Looking at the tiers.  eilte RB are going to get from about 225-250 points.  Eilte Wr are going to get 175-200 points, and eilte Qbs are goin to get about 340-370 points.  Tier 1 Rbs are going to get around 180-210 fantasy ponts.  While we have not talked about tier 1 Qbs it should be noted they will score about 290-320 points.  

               The next to  step is deciding who to take at your draft position in Round 1. For rme the top 4 postions has to be the eilte Rb, at the 5th spot is still Like R, but this is also were you sould be thinking about taking the top QB.    After the top QB is taken I Would take RB until possible the end of the round were the fantasy points of the Rb will be about the same as the eilte Wr. 

               Now to plan a head for the next round one rule that I alway follow is if i take a QB or Wr in the first, i have to take a Rb in the second round.  The last step is to plan a head for your pick in the second round.  


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Bush To southbeach?could increase Thomas value.

The rumor mil as yet another destination for Reggie Bush in 2011. With the Dolphins as a possible landing spot.  If this was to happen Daniel thomas could see an increase in value. Whom I belive will be the best Rookie RB in the 2011 season.  This move would set in stone that niether Ronnie Brown of Reggie Williams would be returning to the Dolphins in the 2011 season.  As both are free agents this year.  This move would also insure that Thomas would be the primary first and second down back. He would also see a majority of the goalline work as well.  While many belive Mark Ingram to be the Best Rb of this class.  In pure talent i would agree. However even if bush leaves the saints.  Ingram is still in a crowded backfiled with very capable backs Pierre Thomas, and Chris Ivory.
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Ray Rice's value in 2011?

All points lead to Rice having a bigger year in 2011. The rumor mil seems to declaire that willis Mcgahee will not be a raven in 2011. And the presece of Mcgahee is what kept Rice to finish only in the top 10 of fantasy Rbs.  Since Mcgahee got the bulk of GoalLine carries.  But Even if Mcgahee is no longer a raven will Rice really see an increse in Tds and be a top 5 RB?  The ravens have another option to fill the roll of goalline back with Leron McClain.  McClain who is traditionally a fullback also has halfback skills.  In 2008 McClain was moved from Full back to halback scoreing 10 TDs.  While Rice is clearly the better back McClain will have lots of appeal for the ravens coaching staff with his size to use him in Goaline and red zone situations.  While Rice is still a vialbe fantasy option his stock really might not be as high as many belive.  He is still a first round back but he might not finish above the top 10 again in 2011
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